Cruise Plans Are Coming Together

It has been over 120 days since I disembarked my first cruise ship and since I had the most therapeutic vacation that I can remember. It had been first vacation in over 10 years and made me realize how much I took every vacation in my life for granted. As many of you had read in a previous post about the struggles I have with every day life you were able to feel how much that first cruise meant to me mentally and emotionally.

It is sad to say that the experience and its effects have since started wearing off and I find myself desperately needing a new experience. Our next cruise is booked and ready to go. The downside is that it is over 245 days a way. I need to use this as motivation to get through these struggling times. At the moment it is hard to use those thoughts in that way. I wake up most every day wishing it was the day that I would be boarding that grand ship for another 7 days in paradise.

Our trip is set once again for February. It can’t come soon enough despite the ungodly weather that will be in place here in Buffalo. As much as I want to enjoy the limited amount of summer that we get, much of me desperately wants that first snowfall to arrive because then I will feel much closer to my escape from this dread of life and mind.

Our next cruise is a 7 day western Caribbean cruise going to Cozumel, Belize and ____. I need to focus on how to take every advantage of the ports of call and being on a much much larger ship with more to offer.

To keep my addled mind focused it is time for me to start researching excursions since on my first cruise that was one thing o did not take advantage of. That’s not to say I regret that. The first cruise did everything it needed to and more. But this time I want to get even more from our exotic destinations.

I have been looking into Xcaret excursions through canyons in Cozumel as well as the mayan ruins there. Since we will only have time for one it will take a bit of research to come up with what will be exactly what I want to experience.

We will most likely take at least one day to just be beach bums and soak up as much vitamin D as possible. Taking advantage of everything the ship offers as well will be a high priority.

I also plan to take advantage of my short time in New Orleans before we disembark and try and fine one or two jazz clubs to set my mind in the right frame before we sail. I’m excited for this experience as much as I am the cruise itself.

Hopefully the research will pass the time as well as keep the memories alive of all the good the first cruise did for me physically and mentally. Happy cruising and I hope all of you are counting down the minutes until you next embarkation.

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