We Have Begun To Book Our Next Cruise

It has been 42 days since we left our cruise ship. We have decided it’s time to go ahead and book our next cruise. This will be my second and Mike and his wife’s millionths. The last cruise Mike did the booking four months from the time we left. This time we will be giving ourselves about eleven months.

Mike has always done the booking on his own, but this time we are going to attempt to book our next cruise through a travel agent. I previously wrote a post about the advantages and disadvantages of booking on your own and through an agent. We decided to see if booking through an agent is any better.

We are looking to choose a bigger ship and a more extended cruise in a different area. The last trip was a five-day cruise through Nassau and Half Moon Cay on Carnival Elation which is one of their smaller ships. We have found roughly the cruise we want to book and rates we find reasonable. We are hoping an agent can either get us a cheaper deal or at the very least some great perks.

At this point, Mike has spoken with one agent near him in Greenville, SC who shall remain nameless at this point, cannot do any better than we have found directly through Carnival and had no perks to offer. I have requested for two agents near me in Buffalo, NY and I am hoping to have better success.

I plan to blog the entire process and things we do in preparation for the cruise up until and through the whole trip. I will continue to post things I find interesting and any posts I can think of in addition to our process. We welcome any suggestions and tricks you have noticed that work best for you. This will be my second cruise, and I am hoping that it can top the first one which I wrote about here. Thanks for stopping by and happy cruising!

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