My Review Of Gorgeous Half Moon Cay

My favorite part of my first ever cruise was without a doubt our stop at the gorgeous Half Moon Cay. Half Moon Cay is the private island owned by Carnival Cruise Lines and is about 100 miles away from the main island Nassau in the Bahamas. Half Moon Cay was formerly known as Little San Salvador Island and owned by Norwegian Cruise Lines.

Half Moon Cay is precisely what you think of when you picture the perfect tropical islands of the Bahamas. The sand is nearly bleached white, and the water is crystal clear as far they will let you swim. Now while we did nothing more than relax, as we walked to our serene spot to chill out, I was able to notice all the enjoyable activities available to enjoy. With everything from a simple lounge chair to jet skis, it is nearly impossible to not enjoy the natural wonder of this small slice of paradise.

Once we exited the tender boat that took us from the main ship we were on (Elation), we walked along the long walking path down to a more scarcely occupied section of the beach. Along the way, we passed the sizeable beachside party bar with music and plenty of fun being had. We also saw everything from a family of wild chickens roaming around, to basketball courts to the air-conditioned cabana houses.

We soon settled on the perfect spot for us and set our supplies for the day down. While I took plenty of pictures on our way to our beach spot, I couldn’t help but take a plethora of pictures from our place. I just couldn’t stop because each one was more picturesque than the last. I wanted to capture every view I saw from our ship off in the distance to my feet in the clear waters. Even though we were in the Bahamas, it was still February so, despite the heat of the sun, the water had a slight chill to it. This did not stop me from making my way in and eventually wholly submerged into it. I wanted to soak up (pardon the pun) every second I had with the most beautiful water I had ever seen.

While laying on the beach, we could hear further down the music and screams of joy that others were having, without it being annoying. We could see those enjoying their excursions snorkeling and riding paddle bikes. I must say my favorite part was the enjoyment of doing nothing and having nothing on my mind except savoring every moment of being there that I could.

It is safe to say that Half Moon Cay was what made me love the cruise and want to go on as many more as possible. This is where my addiction set in me. If you read my previous post outlining the whole cruise and what it did for me at this moment in my life, then you know that my one damaging addiction was replaced by this one. There couldn’t have been a better first port of call for me on my first cruise. I can’t recommend this little island any more than I am right now.

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