What Is The Perfect Cruise Length For You?

So we are back again this week with another topic that all cruise enthusiasts have grappled with at one time or another. How long of a cruise should I take? That’s a tough, tough question because of there being so many mitigating factors to consider before you book your trip through paradise.

This first thing to consider is whether or not you have time constraints! If you are like Mike and me and you have full-time jobs, you know that you only have so much vacation time and so that will most likely be your determining factor. On the other hand, if you are retired, self-employed or just independently wealthy, then you have much broader options.

I recently put this question to a couple of the Facebook groups I belong to and to my amazement I received close to 700 responses, and they ranged from 3 days to people who pretty much desired to live on a cruise ship. I did my best to comb through as many responses as possible and find useful information as to why people chose the time lengths they did. Not too many gave reasons why but on the other hand some did.

When people gave well thought out answers, the range was still very different from what I expected. Many people said after seven days they were refreshed enough to come home and get back into their routine while others only wanted to go home so they could see their dogs or grandchildren. No matter what the reason sooner or later we all have to face reality and come back no matter how much we are enjoying ourselves.

So what IS the perfect cruise length? Again it all depends on you. Once you have determined how much time you have to take your trip the next step is to decide how much money is in your budget. If you are looking to be as thrifty as possible, there is no reason to think you can’t visit some of the most beautiful and paradise-like places on earth. You can cruise the Caribbean for five days on a very thrifty budget. If you have some more breathing room financially and desire some more exotic locales, you can travel the French Riviera or the Isles of Greece. Or if cooler temperatures are more your desire, there’s always the option of an Alaskan cruise.

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But if you are anything like most working people, budget and time are your two significant deciding factors. With that said the overall consensus seems to be that between 5 and nine-day cruises seem to be the most enjoyable and relaxing. Let’s face it not having to worry about what to cook or when to clean and pretty much have most things taken care of for you for that amount of time is a pretty darn good get-a-way. It seems to be enough time to unplug from not only daily life but the world, in general, considering most mobile devices become no more than glorified cameras (unless you opt to pay for the less than stellar wifi service), so you can honestly let your mind and body reset themselves.

So it is safe to say that for the majority of the people asked 5-9 days seemed to be the sweet spot. It gives you time to settle into the surroundings lets you get familiar with your ship so that you aren’t getting off just when you are learning your way around. The time also lets you get plenty of that relaxing sleep that a gently rocking boat can give you every night (unless you are severely sensitive to motion sickness in which case you may want to think about hitting up Disney World instead). While at the end of this period you may not want to give up the ease of that life, you know that taking on daily life is going to be a little bit easier for a while, at least it will hold you off until your next sailing adventure.

I hope you found this informative and if you have any thoughts or comments please feel free to reach out in the comments section or email us and as always thanks for stopping by and happy cruising.

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