5 Reasons To Choose A Cruise For Your Next Vacation


Why should you choose a cruise? When choosing a vacation the opportunities are endless and advertisers all over don’t make it any easier to, decide what to do with the precious few days a year you get off from the hustle and bustle of life. So why should you choose a cruise as a way to spend that time you have gifted to you to recharge your batteries? We have put together a comprehensive list of five reasons why choosing a cruise is most likely the best choice, especially for the everyday working man and not the six or seven figure a year salaried executive.
Here are the five best reasons why choosing a cruise is your best option whether you are going solo, with a group of friends or with your family. There a massive variety of boat sizes and available amenities to choose from but here are the biggest reasons to choose a cruise.


All inclusive (price) value

When it comes to closing ANY vacation 99% of people consider cost before all other things. This is where a cruise trumps just about any other trip you can take. When looking for vacations many tend to gravitate towards warm weather and beach areas such as Myrtle Beach, Panama City, and Disney world. These areas are great places to visit but aside from the out of pocket expenses, they are vast areas that eat up valuable time when going from one place to another. Cruises have flat rates that will include everything including food and drinks both alcoholic and non-alcoholic. Perfect for a person or family who really wants or needs a vacation yet don’t have the kind of money to tour the California coast or a ski trip to vale. There are several packages to choose from all to fit any budget. From luxurious rooms with beautiful balcony views to modest staterooms that are perfect for someone who will be on the go and needs nothing more than a place to lay their head down. Most packages include the majority of food offered on board unless you are looking for certain specialty dining. For those looking to let loose and enjoy their cocktails, an all-inclusive drink package is for you. You will soon find that it pays for itself very quickly. All these comforts come without having to pull money out of your pocket the entire time you are aboard your ship of choice.


Family friendly


Not all destinations offer such a wide variety of things to do for every member of your family as a cruise and all in one place. Many destinations all over the world tend to cater to one or at most two demographics leaving other family members bored and kind of just tagging along. When on board a cruise ship there is without a doubt something for everyone and these activities can be done together or separately and all while staying within close proximity to each other leaving parents feeling more safe about where and what their children are doing. With such a large staff of employees, all aboard the ship everyone’s safety is priority one. From casino’s for adults to mini-golf for everyone to strictly childhood activities such as build-a-bear workshops just to name a few, it is almost impossible for everyone to get bored while out to sea no matter how long of a sail you book.




When booking a vacation you most likely have to go to several different websites to book your flight, hotel, car and to create your itinerary. This can lead to confusion and a whole slew of confirmation numbers and information to carry around and remember. If you choose to go a different route and go through a travel agent you are looking at your cost once again rising all while the information you have to carry and remember can still be overwhelming.
When you book a cruise it is all done in one shot with ease and all you have to do is show up and enjoy yourself. While you most likely will need to book an airline flight to the port that you will be leaving from, many cruise bookings will even help you with this so that everything is still all done in one single place leaving only a few choices of what kind of fun you are looking for and what ports of call are right for you.






Exotic locations

Everyone wants to go somewhere completely different than where they live and experience new places, sights, and sounds when they get away on vacation and rightfully so! When going on a cruise you can be taken anywhere from the tropical islands of the Bahamas to the south of France to the glaciers of Alaska to see the wildlife. When you factor these locations with the affordability of a cruise it is your best option to see parts of the world that may normally be out of reach for the average person is unprecedented and keeps any dream of seeing exotic parts of the world within reach. You can visit all the locations all while still not compromising cost, convenience and entertaining everyone involved. So once again the hardest choice is to choose which marvelous part of the world do you want to see.





Meet new people

I’m from the fairly small town of Buffalo, NY and one thing I have noticed is that anywhere I go when I meet someone else from Buffalo it is like meeting a friend I haven’t seen in years. We instantly begin talking about people we both know, places around town we enjoy and an instant friendship can be born. The chances of this happening on a cruise is very high. But with that aside, meeting people from ALL OVER the world in one vacation is like nothing else you can experience. You learn cultures, personalities and even things in common with people who live halfway around the world. It is just as easy to make lifelong friends with these people as with those from your hometown that you also never met before.





These are just a few of the many, many reasons that choosing a cruise is one of the best choices of a vacation that someone could make. I hope that you found these informative and if you have any questions or comments feel free to send us an email so that we can address them in future posts and as always thanks for stopping by and happy cruising.

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