We Are Here To Help You Cruise

Just to introduce this blog, we are two guys who just took a cruise and I (Marc) was on my first cruise and Mike and his wife are seasoned cruise veterans. Mike and I have decided to start this blog to help everyone considering a cruise or people looking for new cruise adventures. In the future, we will bring posts on what is new in the cruise world as well as tricks of the trade and what you need to know when going on your first cruise or what you need to know if you are going to new destinations. All our information will be the most update that is available. We will bring you the best in products you may need to take with you to help everything from packing to making your trip easy and problem free all so you know how to cruise best.

We plan to be able to provide two perfectness, one for the first time and new one to cruising and from the one who has done quite a bit in the cruising world. Our research and information will provide the best information allowing you to only need to stop here for the latest in what is the best bang for your buck vacation.

We encourage all of you to submit everything you wish us to address from questions of all kinds to experiences good and bad from your cruises to give everyone a clear look and perspective on what they should expect on whatever cruise they choose. To begin we will focus on North American cruising and hopefully expanding to several other destinations throughout the world not only from our own experiences but from fellow readers and bloggers as well. We look forward to giving you all we have to offer and on the most regular basis so you are always up to date. Thanks for stopping by and happy cruising.

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